• Susan and Jessica are a great down-to-earth team to work with for your event. We had several creative photo requests for our wedding and they were willing to shoot all of them, and they all turned out great! They moved quickly around with us and got several different angles and expressions of each shot. We were able to shoot several different scenes and poses in a short time. They did a great job at capturing our entire evening. Highly Recommended!
    Andrea Bolla-Marcos
  • Thank you - once again!
    You are so easy to work with and willing to do whatever it takes to make a client VERY happy!

    I just came home to a package on my porch. I am thrilled with them (graduation cards) - they are perfect!!! Thank you does not express my gratitude enough!!!

  • OMG...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! You did a great job with capturing the love we felt that day.

  • The Photo Shoot went so smoothly and everyone was excited to be able to take their photo with them. It was a great night all around.
    Julie @ Great Lakes Hybrids
  • Just wanted to say another thank you for the great job you guys did in capturing our day. It's nice to know that we are able to go back at anytime and relive that moment by taking a look at all the great pictures that you took. Thank you so much.
    Maria and Jim
  • We received Colleen's DVD...it was AWESOME !!!!! Once again we are very pleased with the the results!!!! I sat and watched the DVD 6 times and it made me cry every time !!!! THANK YOU for such a great experience and your dedication!!!
  • "We received the beautiful photos. They came on Wednesday. I could not believe how fast. I actually ordered another 8 x 10 yesterday because I wanted to give the one we have to my parents. The experience was fantastic and we look forward to having you take many more of our pictures in the future."
  • Jess got the most AWESOME pics of my kid's first TOUCHDOWN last Saturday! YAY! I just placed my order! I am so grateful for you guys doing that otherwise I wouldn't have picture proof! I will treasure always! Can I just add that the website is invaluable due to the fact that most of our relatives are downstate and did not get to see his touchdown. One relative already said "I feel I saw Conner's whole touchdown run. Complete with broken tackles! So Cool!"
  • "I love the pictures. The wrap-around particularly is terrific! The colors are vibrant, the setting perfect and the placement of all the family members works great. Thanks for providing so many to choose from. Thanks again,"
  • We LOVE them! ...cuz we were just saying how awesome it was working with you and how comfortable it all was and how thrilled we are with the pics and service!
  • I wanted to let you know that the 16 x 20 arrived and looks fabulous. Thanks again for dealing with our family!! I don't think many realize what was happening, but all loved your work and the quality of our pictures.
  • "We are very happy with Arcadia’s Senior Pictures. You did a beautiful job. We are glad that you were able to come to us."
    Kelly & Arcadia
  • The book was LOVEY! We have it with us and will be sharing it with the family :) Thank you again, for everything!
  • "Thank you so much for making this a fun and easy experience. Coming from out of town, you both were so easy to be with. LOVE the photos. They were Beautiful and very quickly delivered."
  • "We received the prints, and have several of them hanging in the hall already. We’re delighted to have our time captured in print!"
  • "I received the pictures in the mail today. Thank you very much for fixing my problems with the picture size. The pictures look great and I have gotten many comments on how nice the pictures are. Thanks!!"
  • "When my Fiancé` and I were getting ready to start a wedding budget; I told him that I wanted to spend a little bit more money on our photographer. As we were searching on-line and through our friends and family, we came across Take Action Photos. They had a decent price and you were paying for two photographers for the same price as one. When we received our proofs they covered all angles of the ceremony. It was amazing! The quality was great and they were very flexible with everything. Thank you Susan and Jessica, for making our special day even more special."
    Kasey & Bud
  • Thanks so much....I will definitely recommend you to anyone we know heading your way. And who knows, we'll be back before too long ourselves.
  • "My daughter, Kris, opened her Christmas gift—the framed picture—from Cori and Grace and she cried. Now this is from a woman who rarely cries. Cori and Grace were puzzled—was she sad or happy. It was the best Christmas present she received. She had wanted to get a picture of both of them together before Cori headed off to college and she was so pleased that I had it done. .."
  • "I’ve received the items you sent. You did a wonderful job and we are thrilled with our selection of photographs. Everything looks great! We really enjoyed watching the DVD and look forward to showing our parents/family it as well. Thanks!"
  • "I just love our (Engagement) pictures!!! They’re amazing! I love the variety…Billy and I had such a great time with you and your daughter. We are so confident that you’ll be doing our photographs for our wedding! We loved your unique ideas and fun attitude. Can’t wait for June 5th! Thank you again!"
  • Thank you for capturing Mom's 70th Birthday in such a special way!
  • "Thank you Susan, the photos are beautiful. I’ve shown them to my parents and they love them too, thank you so much for taking such great care of our special memories!"
  • "I just wanted to thank you again for a great day last Monday. We are all happy with the pictures…."
  • "Thanks again for doing our wedding. The pictures were absolutely beautiful and I am happy with how they turned out."
    Shanna and Brandon
  • "Selecting Take Action Photos as our wedding photographers was an excellent decision. The photos turned out great with a lot of choices. Working with Susan and Jessica was comfortable and effective. They were like two fun wedding guests that showed up with big cameras. We really feel like we received special treatment, although I know that’s just the way they work. Thank you."
    Mike and Chandra
  • We received the pictures this week and wanted to tell you everyone loves them!! We especially love the metal 11 x 14, so cool!! Thanks for everything. We will be return customers for sure.
    Jay and Andrea
  • On behalf of the Frankfort-Elberta Area Chamber of Commerce, I would like to thank you for all your hard work at the Fall Festival in Frankfort. We couldn't have these events without the support of our volunteers! We appreciate your support of our community and activities!
  • "Thank you so much for everything. The pictures are beautiful. We really appreciate it."
    Jordan and Morgan
  • "I just looked at your website. The photos are beautiful. I REALLY like them. You did an AWESOME job. I’m so excited to have you do our wedding…. We received the photos when we returned from our honeymoon. They are WONDERFUL! We would be happy to recommend you any time. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you."
    Rose and Mike
  • "I can’t wait to see the Canvas Wrap. It is my ultimate favorite picture of the three of us. All the pictures are awesome! The DVD is on our ‘most played’ list. Thanks a lot for everything! "
    Chelsea and Chris
  • Once again, thanks for doing such a great job on our family photos. We love them all and received so many compliments on our Christmas photo card.
  • "Susan and Jessica are amazing photographers who played a huge part in making our wedding day perfect! They took every photo we asked for, and then some. We were able to enjoy our day and hardly noticed they were even there, all while getting great photos in the end."
    Mark and Rachel
  • Thank you for your part in making the "Tour of Interesting Places" a success. the photos for the tickets, posters, and homeowners' gifts were great. It is nice to have such talent in our Auxiliary. We raised over $12,400 for the hospital
    Sue & Nancy
  • Thank you for your participation in the Benzie County Early Childhood Open House. We appreciate your time and efforts in supporting the families and young children in the county
    Benzie County Early Childhood Work Group
  • Once again thanks for doing such a great job on our family photos. We love them all and received so many compliments on our Christmas photo card.
  • We got the cards in the mail yesterday. They are awesome!! We love them. Thanks for your help with them.
  • Sue, tell Jess we said thank you. the photos are awesome
  • After many hours of deliberating about just the right frame, top mat, bottom mat, glass type, etc., we've arrived at the perfect combination! Honestly, you would have thought we were framing the Mona Lisa. The picture looks great in my mom's dinning room. She chose a light wood frame and blue tones from the mat. It is really beautiful
  • Sue - I came home to a package on my porch. I am thrilled with them - (Graduation Cards) - they are perfect !!! Thank you does not express my gratitude enough!!!